The 1,004 Holds Wrestling Moves Wiki
  • Finishing tag team moves
    • Cease and Desist (Sharpshooter (Nick) / Crossface (Matt) combination)[263] – 2017
    • Double rope-hung DDT[264] – TNA
    • Herbert Meltzer Driver (Springboard suicide somersault spike tombstone piledriver)[257] – 2017
    • Indytaker[265]/More Bang for Your Buck[266] (Springboard spike tombstone piledriver)[86][110][267]
    • Meltzer Driver (Springboard somersault spike tombstone piledriver)[268][269] – 2014–present
    • More Bang for Your Buck (Rolling fireman's carry slam by Matt followed by a 450° splash by Nick followed by a moonsault by Matt)[5][270]
  • Signature tag team moves
    • Aided dropkick[271]
    • Corkscrew neckbreaker by Matt onto Nick's knee[272]
    • Crazy Dive (Matt front dropkicks an opponent through the ropes, holds on, skins the cat and holds the top rope down for Nick to perform a suicide dive through his legs)[70][71]
    • Superkick Party[273] (Double or stereo superkicks to one or two opponents respectively)[40][274]
    • Matt powerbombs an opponent into the knees of Nick, who is seated on the top rope[275]
    • N'Sync (Double hip toss followed by a double back handspring into a double dropkick to the face of a seated opponent)[70][71][271]
    • Springboard splash (Nick) and standing moonsault (Matt) combination[271]
    • Stereo 450° splashes[276]
    • Stereo dropkicks[5]
    • Wheelbarrow hold by Matt into a slingshot sitout facebuster by Nick[70][71][277]
  • Max Buck/Matt Jackson's finishing moves
    • Corkscrew diving somersault cutter[170]
    • Rope-hung DDT[1][164][171][183] – TNA
    • Sharpshooter[278] – 2017–present
    • Worst Case Scenario (Victory roll flipped forward into a modified wheelbarrow facebuster, as a wheelbarrow bodyscissors counter)[70]
  • Jeremy Buck/Nick Jackson's finishing moves
    • 450° splash[2][71][183]
    • Sharpshooter[238][278] – 2017–present