The 1,004 Holds Wrestling Moves Wiki
  • Finishing moves
    • CCS Enzuigiri[2] (Enzuigiri while facing away from a cornered opponent, usually preceded by a reverse body avalanche)[227]
    • Chimera-Plex[2] (German suplex followed by a dragon suplex followed by a bridging straight jacket suplex)
    • Coquina Clutch[228] (Rear naked choke, often from standing position[2] sometimes transitioned into a suplex)[229][230]
    • Island Driver[2][229] (High-angle sitout side powerslam,[13][231] sometimes from the second rope,[232] or an over the shoulder reverse piledriver)[233][234]
    • Muscle buster,[4][6] sometimes from the second rope[229]
  • Signature moves
    • Corner forearm smash[2][227]
    • Death Valley driver,[2] sometimes from the second rope[235]
    • Facewash[2]
    • Folding powerbomb transitioned into either a Boston crab,[236] an STF[227] or a crossface[227][237]
    • Inverted atomic drop followed by a running single leg dropkick followed by a running senton[227]
    • Lariat[2][229]
    • Multiple suplex variations
      • Exploder[238]
      • Half nelson[239]
      • Head and arm[240]
    • Running big boot to the face of an opponent seated on a chair next to a guardrail[2]
    • Samoan drop[241]
    • Samoan Elbow (Running delayed high-impact elbow drop, with theatrics)[2] – parodied from The Rock
    • Standing release sidewalk slam[2]
    • STJoe (STO from out of the corner, as a counter to an oncoming opponent)[240]
    • Suicide dive transitioned into an elbow smash[240]
    • Uranage
  • With Magnus
    • Double team finishing moves
      • Snapmare by Joe followed by a diving elbow drop by Magnus[129][130]