The 1,004 Holds Wrestling Moves Wiki
  • Finishing moves
    • 619[1][5][Note 1] (Tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope) – WWE; followed by
      • Diving splash, sometimes while springboarding[202][203] – WWE
      • Droppin' Da Dime (Springboard leg drop,[1] sometimes to the back of the opponent's head) – ECW/WCW/WWE
      • Frankensteiner[1] – WCW; used as a signature move on its own in WWE[204]
      • Flip piledriver – AAA
      • Frog splash[1] – WWE; adopted from and used as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero
      • Springboard headbutt[1] – ECW / WCW; sometimes used in WWE
      • Springboard seated senton[3][205] – ECW / WCW; used as a signature move on its own in WWE
      • West Coast Pop[1][5] (Springboard spike hurricanrana) – ECW / WCW / WWE
  • Signature moves
    • Armbar,[1] often transitioned into a hammerlock[1]
    • Arm wrench inside cradle[1]
    • Baseball slide, sometimes transitioned into a headscissors takedown[1]
    • Bronco buster[1]
    • Bulldog,[1] often used as a counter
    • Diving hurricanrana,[1] sometimes off the ring apron
    • Dropkick, sometimes while springboarding or from the top rope[1]
    • Mysterio Express[1] (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)[206]
    • Somersault seated senton to the outside of the ring, sometimes transitioned into a hurricanrana[1]
    • Split-legged moonsault[1]
    • Springboard moonsault[1]
    • Thesz press[1]
    • Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown[1]
    • Wheelbarrow bodyscissors transitioned into either an arm drag or a bulldog[1]