Finishing moves As Kota Ibushi Corkscrew 630° senton[131] – 2005 Golden Star Press (No-handed springboard corkscrew 450° splash)[5][132] – 2005–2007 Golden Star Press 2007 (Springboard corkscrew 450° splash, with theatrics)[5] – 2007 Kamigoye (Double wrist-lock knee strike to a kneeling opponent)[133][134] – 2017–present Golden Star Powerbomb[135] (Elevated sitout powerbomb)[136][137] – 2012–present Phoenix-Plex (Bridging package fallaway powerbomb, sometimes from the middle rope)[4][138][139] – 2009–present Phoenix Splash (Corkscrew 450° splash)[1][4][140] As Tiger Mask W Tiger Driver-Style Golden Star Powerbomb (Double underhook elevated sitout powerbomb)[141] Signature moves 450° splash[45] Ankle lock[142] Cartwheel into a standing corkscrew 450° splash[143] Multiple kick variations Bridging evasion followed into a roundhouse[144] Dash Middle (Multiple shoot to the opponent's chest)[3] Drop[1] Dropsault[145] Handspring backflip[144] Multiple moonsault variations Golden Triangle Moonsault[119] (Over the corner slingshot into a springboard moonsault to the outside) Moonsault Moonsault[140] (Feint moonsault followed by a standing moonsault)[3][144] Standing corkscrew moonsault[3][9] Multiple powerbomb variations 24 Sai (Vertical suplex ganso)[139] Golden Star Bomb (Sitout)[5][3][9] Reverse Yari Otoshi (High-angle crucifix)[139] Multiple suplex variations Bridging dragon[1] Deadlift German[3] Northern Lights[3] Three-quarter nelson[3] Reverse frankensteiner[146] Shooting star press[147] Standing shooting star press[3][9][140] Super spike piledriver[139] With Kenny Omega Double-team finishing moves Golden Shower (Simultaneous 450° splashes from the same turnbuckle)[138][148] Golden Trigger (Simultaneous wrist-locks into knee strikes)

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