Finishing moves Croyt's Wrath (Electric chair dropped into a bridging German suplex, sometimes from the second rope)[6][7][188] One-Winged Angel[189] / Katayoku no Tenshi[6] (One-handed electric chair driver)[168][190] – 2011–present Signature moves Aoi Shoudou[6][7] (Cross-legged fisherman buster,[188] sometimes dropped onto the knee or into a sitout position)[191] Bloody Sunday (Lifting single underhook brainbuster) - 2016; used rarely thereafter; parodied from Prince Devitt Chainsaw Arms (Forearm face rake, with theatrics) Double underhook piledriver[192][193][194] – 2017–present Dr. Wily Bomb (Deadlift gutwrench sitout powerbomb)[195][196][197] EX Hadouken (Double palm thrust to a kneeling opponent's face, with theatrics)[198] Flash Man's Time Stopper (Step-up enzuigiri, with theatrics)[188] Greetings from Winnipeg! (Low blow, with theatrics)[188] Hadouken (Double palm thrust to the opponent's chest)[5][6][7][188] Kotaro Krusher (Leapfrog transitioned into a one-handed bulldog)[5][188][199] Missle dropkick to the back of the opponent's head Multiple suplex variations Dragon Rebirth (Twisting dragon)[188] Dragon Revolution (Pumphandle flipping release half nelson)[188] Dragon Rush (Snap dragon)[5] Rain Trigger (Wrist lock transitioned into a short-arm bicycle high knee)[200] – 2017–present; parodied from Kazuchika Okada Reverse frankensteiner[133][201][202][203] Rise of the Terminator (Suicide somersault senton)[204] Styles Clash (Belly-to-back inverted mat slam)[133][205][206] – 2016; used rarely thereafter; parodied from A.J. Styles Tony Jaa (Running double knee strike, with theatrics)[188] Uranage V-Trigger[135] (Bicycle knee strike) You Can't Escape (Rolling fireman's carry slam followed by a moonsault from middle rope)[206][207][208][209] With Kota Ibushi Double-team finishing moves Golden Shower (Simultaneous 450° splashes from the same turnbuckle)[210][211][212] Golden-Trigger (Simultaneous wrist-locks into knee strikes

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