The 1,004 Holds Wrestling Moves Wiki
  • Finishing moves
    • As Curtis Axel
      • Axehole[133] (Hangman's facebuster)[134]
      • Perfect-Plex (Bridging fisherman suplex)[135] – adopted from his father
      • Turning Heads (Running one-armed swinging neckbreaker) - used as a signature move[136][137]
    • As Joe Hennig
      • Hennig-Plex (Bridging fisherman suplex)[138]
    • As Michael McGillicutty
      • McGillicutter[139][140] (Running one-armed swinging neckbreaker)[141][142]
  • Signature moves
    • Backbreaker[137][143]
    • Belly to back suplex[138][144][145]
    • Big boot[146]
    • Diving pointed elbow drop[147]
    • Diving crossbody[148]
    • Dropkick[138]
    • Feint clothesline transitioned into a clothesline to the back of the opponent's head[137][143]
    • Rolling neck snap,[149] sometimes from the second rope[150]
    • Running knee smash to a bent over opponent[151]
    • Saito suplex[152]
    • Sliding clothesline[148]
  • With David Otunga
    • Double team finishing moves
      • Backbreaker hold, diving elbow drop combination[153]
    • Double team signature moves
      • Inverted atomic drop (Otunga) and dropkick (McGillicutty) combination[153]
      • Running back elbow (McGillicutty) followed by a body avalanche (Otunga) to a cornered opponent[153]