The 1,004 Holds Wrestling Moves Wiki
  • Finishing moves
    • Big Ending[3][63] (Over the shoulder facebuster)[64][65][25]
    • Running splash, with theatrics – also used as a signature
    • Stretch Muffler (since 2020)
  • Signature moves
    • Abdominal stretch as a counter to a running opponent, with theatrics
    • Overhead/Side belly to belly suplex[66][67][68][69][70]
    • Run-Away Train/E-Train[66] (Running body block)[3][65][71][72] sometimes finished with a kneeling variation
    • Modified abdominal stretch, with slaps to an opponent's buttocks [73][74]
    • Multiple knee lifts[75][76][77]
    • Multiple punches to an opponent's midsection[66][78]
    • Running turnbuckle thrust[67]
    • Spear through the second and top ropes to an opponent standing on the apron to the outside[79][80][81]
    • STO from out of the corner, as a counter to an oncoming opponent[82][83]
  • With The New Day
    • Double team finishing moves
      • Midnight Hour (Diving DDT (Kingston or Woods) and Big Ending (Big E) combination)[85]
      • UpUpDownDown (Pendulum backbreaker (Big E, Kingston or Woods) and diving double foot stomp (Kingston or Woods) combination[86][87][88][89][90][91]
    • Double/triple team signature moves
      • Unicorn Stampede (Multiple stomps to a seated opponent in the corner with frequent tags), often followed by an Irish whip-assisted corner dropkick)